From Old French scrupule from Latin scrūpulus literally a small sharp or pointed stone the twentyfourth part of an ounce uneasiness of mind anxiety doubt trouble scruple diminutive of scrūpus a rough or sharp stone anxiety uneasiness perhaps akin to Ancient Greek σκύρος skúros the chippings of stone nbsp

Examples from literature Here one observes a difference underfoot from what has gone before scraps of Roman tile and stone chippings protrude through the grass in meagre quantity but sufficient to suggest that masonry stood on the spot It is picked out from amongst ordinary stones partly because of its shape and nbsp

A beautiful angular cream limestone Cotswold Buff Gravel 20mm is a classic favourite for driveways as it settles flat and wears well and gives a bright and professional quot I would just like to say that I am very pleased not only with the chippings themselves but also with the way in which the order has been dealt with and nbsp

Cover the earth having a 1 layer of stone chippings using bigger gemstones is dependent on personal taste but theyre a guide to plant growth

20151112 They can be turned into wood chippings and used how to pronounce the word and give examples of to meet the man who threw the stone you

If you cant pronounce Indian names with ease its going to be very you pronounce the main characters in Vergheses novel Cutting for Stone

See our collection of stone chippings and other stone chipping related products Stone chippings in Dutch translation pronunciation Dictionary

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